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Oct 1

Royals Vs. A’s Wildcard Playoff Notes (From a Long-time Diehard Girl Fan)

Royals Vs. A’s Wildcard Playoff Notes (From a Long-time Diehard Girl Fan)

royals baseball

I’m sitting in my living room in Los Angeles, CA, watching the baseball team that I grew up with and followed like a scribe. My Kansas City Royals are in the playoffs vs. the Oakland A’s and I’m absolutely stoked. The K is full, the fans are frantic, the George Toma-esque infield is manicured to a “T” and I officially feel like a 13-year-old, running around our farm house in Kansas, in the early…

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Sep 29

Sorry to Burst Your Bubble: We Are Not Created Equal


one size

Sometimes in life, we happen upon people who simply radiate glowing, positive goodness: Handsome. Pretty. Athletic. Smart. Disciplined. Energetic. Funny. Cool. Graceful. Kind. Altruistic. These people have energy that is so crazy good, it practically oozes out of the skin and radiates out the eyeballs. At a level, quite frankly, it can be a little obnoxious.

Some people possess so much…

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Sep 4

Men Say the Darndest Things…

Men Say the Darndest Things…

men say the darndest things

Back in the mid-90s, Bill Cosby hosted a comedy series entitled “Kids Say the Darndest Things.” It was a CBS special reminiscent of a popular feature used in Art Linkletter’s radio show which aired five-days-a-week from 1945 to 1969. At any rate, the premise around Cosby’s show (due to his fantastic sense of humor and easy-going nature) was simply that he would ask kids, ages 3-to-8, random…

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Aug 7

Aug 6

We’ve Got that Summertime, Summertime Madness…

We’ve Got that Summertime, Summertime Madness…

be the voice of reason

What the hell is going on in the world?

We have experienced a full-blown summer of madness unlike anything I can recall in this lifetime. It all started with a missing airplane this spring. Since, the insanity’s been rolling in at a relentless pace: Planes falling out of the sky. Countries at war. Illegal immigrant overload. An Ebola virus breakout. Flat-lining economy. Today, we have an…

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Aug 4

Monday…Glorious Monday

Monday…Glorious Monday

monday funday its possible

A personal breakthrough of sorts: I no longer abhor Mondays. This hasn’t always been the case, trust me. So in that respect it’s noteworthy. A few points to ponder with regard to this most “glorious” day of the week:

1. This better not be a passing phase:Let me be honest with you, I’m hoping this outlook is permanent as opposed to some temporary, freak thing. It’s uncertain when this change in…

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Jul 24

Talking Botox with an 8-yr-old…

Talking Botox with an 8-yr-old…

Kids are our future. Respect them.

Kids are our future. Respect them.

Once a week I have the privilege of working with young kids at a gym called Equinox Fitness. It’s truly a situation for me that is akin to winning the lottery. I say this because the situation affords me a free membership at one of the best gyms in the nation. Moreover, I get the opportunity to work with kids, which is something I have always enjoyed. Their perspective on life is always a…

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CHALLENGE: Live Spontaneously and Authentically for 3652 Days

CHALLENGE: Live Spontaneously and Authentically for 3652 Days



Suppose “The Man Upstairs” (that would be God to some of us) woke up this morning and simply decided he’d had it with Earth. And, due to this sheer disgust with our lame and lazy population, he decided to slap us with a 10-year expiration date. Yep. That’s it. Ten quick years to pull it together or, “sayonara.”

Imagine a gruff, booming voice–a certain type of…

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Jul 7

America, the Imperfect…

America, the Imperfect…


Another 4th of July has come and gone…In America, we tend to do it up right. As for me, it was a fantastic weekend in San Diego: An awesome pad in Mission Hills. Barbecue. Amazing, healthy food. A puppy named Hank. Amazing beverages. (Craft beers. Moscow mules. Spiked Lemonade). Corn hole. New friends. Dear friends. Family. Lively conversation. Laughter…more laughter.


At dusk, we climbed atop…

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Jun 28

KINDNESS is a Moral Obligation

KINDNESS is a Moral Obligation

kindness equals happiness

One of my favorite talk radio personalities is Dennis Prager. He’s fairly brilliant and ridiculously insightful. He does a bit on his show called, “The Happiness Hour” and throughout that segment Prager can be heard making the following statement: “Happiness is a moral obligation.”In other words, we human beings are obligated to strive for happiness in our every endeavor. Put on a happy face.…

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